Crowdsale ends September 30th

2017/09/30 23:59:59

Nametoken’s ICO has ended. Thank you for all your contributions and for your support. We will keep you updated very soon.

+7.200% Domain Investment Case Study

Domain Investment Case Study

+ 7.200 % value increase within 5 years!

The founder of Nametoken has bought the domain name “” (ink cartridges) a few years ago as a domain investment. The domain has been developed and is now one of the largest online shops for printer cartriges in Germany.

At the moment, we already have similar investments for Nametoken in the pre-selection.

Join the revolution of the domain industry

Earn NAT tokens for registering, listing, parking, buying & selling domains on the first decentralized domain marketplace.

  • Save thousands of fees on domain related transactions
  • Our nametoken system is built on the Ethereum blockchain – central servers can not be switched off.
  • All funds are stored in smart contracts, allowing fast and automated payments – eliminating counterparty risk. With no human intervention there is no human error!
  • The secret weapon: Our proven domain appraisal algorithm combined with user generated big data. Only domains of interest will be shown to domain buyers – earn nametokens for voting and data maintenance.

Nametoken Bonus System

Up to 50% bonus for early birds!

The Domain Eco System

Domain Investments

Participate from over 20 years of expertise in domain investing. High value domain names are are considered as real estate and generate extraordinary profits.

Domain Development

Domain investments can already be very profitable. However, the development of a project can increase the value of a domain name even more in the medium term.

Domain Marketplace

Buy and sell domains on our marketplace. Transactions between buyers and sellers are handled through smart contracts.

Domain Registrar

Register over 500 (g)TLDs and save common fees of central institutions. 


Nametoken splits, encrypts and publishes your files across a decentralized cloud network. Highly redundant hosting – safe and cost effective.


Earn Nametokens

Monetize your portfolio and earn NAT tokens for registering, listing, parking, buying & selling domain names.

Nametoken Roadmap

August 1st, 2017
Launch of Nametoken Crowdsale
September 30th, 2017
End of Nametoken Crowdsale
October 2017
First domain aquisitions
Q4 2017
Start development first application
Q1 2018
Beta testing of first application
Q2 2018
Go-life of first application

Initial Coin Distribution

100% transparency with our deflationary token

  • Unlike many other ICOs 90% of all tokens will be distributed in crowdsale.
  • Deflationary token – 50% of all net profits will be used for buy-backs. These tokens will be burned to increase token market value. The other 50% will be re-invested.
  • Powerful reward system – unsold ICO tokens will be stored in a reserve fund and be used for reward usage for the mobile marketplace.
    This will result in an extraordinary usage of the mobile app and increases the total acceptance of nametoken.

Frequently asked questions

I'm new in crypto currencies. How can I invest?

To invest into Nametoken (NAT) you have to get one of the following crypto currencies first:
Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) or Ethereum (ETH).


A very good crypto service is Coinbase.
Coinbase is one of the biggest providers and handles several million transactions per month.
The signup takes only a minute, you have to simply connect your bank account / credit card, create a wallet and you can start.


We recommend our european customers Bitpanda. Bitpanda offers lots of payment methods and grants you big deposits in realtime.


After you got your crypto currency, you can trade them into Nametoken (NAT). Easiest way is to use our calculator above on this website. Please read all notes during the order process.



1. Chose, how many Nametoken you want to purchase. For every order you will get currently a 50% bonus for free.


2. Click on the “BUY” button.


3. Send Bitcoin, Litecoin oder Ethereum to the displayed wallet address.


4. Fill out the form, so that we can send you the Nametokens.


5. Click on the “Send” button.


6. Shortly after the transaction we will send you the Nametokens.


The crypto currency business is booming more than ever. With Nametoken you have the chance to take part at this tremendous growth during our crowd sale til september 30, 2017.
Take this chance and invest now into the first decentralized domain eco system and profit from our 20 years experience in the domain industry.

When does the crowdsale begin and end?

The crowdsale starts on 1st August 2017 and ends on 30th September 2017.

What currencies do you accept for Nametoken purchase?

To buy NAT Tokens in ICO you need deposit Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin. How that works, can be read here.

Can I use any Wallet to purchase NAT Tokens?

We recommend the following wallets: Mist, MyEtherWallet, Metamask or Parity
  • Please send ETH only from ERC20 compatible wallets like the ones above. BTC and LTC can be sent from other wallets.
  • DO NOT send funds from exchanges like Coinbase, Poloniex or from multi-sig wallets. YOU WILL LOSE YOUR FUNDS!

Wallet Instructions

  • Nametokens will be sent to your wallet a few hours after purchase.

Why should I participate?

The domain industry is a huge market. You can read our thoughts here.

What exchanges are going to list NAT Token?

For the present date we are not able to post a 100% guaranteed list of all exchanges NAT Token will be listed on, as multiple negotiations are currently in progress.
Though the Token will definitely listed at least on several exchanges within eight weeks after the end of the ICO. Yet we do not know the exact amount of exchanges we are going to be listed on.

I am a US citizen. Can I participate?

Unfortunately US citizens are not allowed to invest due to the country laws.

Our NAT Token will be tradeable after the sale. Interested US participants could buy them on the secondary market.

How much experience does your team have regarding domain business and development?

The team has over 20 years experience in the domain trading business and in developing different applications. The founders have traded domains worth of several million USD. Furthermore they realized ecommerce projects that generated several million USD of sales.

Team & Advisory

Frank Menze


Jens Peterssen

CEO and Co-Founder

Sebastian Festor

IT / Development

Carina Neffin

Head of Communications

Svetlana Brosowski

Customer Support

Christian Röber

Customer Support

Karl Schnürch

E-Commerce Expert
Strategic Advisor

Pamela Menze

Legal Advisor

Christian Menze

Web Developer
Strategic Advisor

Steffen Fuchs

Asset Manager

Alexander Raabe

Full-Stack Developer

Volodymyr Lytvyniuk

International Advisory

Soeren von Varchmin

Domain Expert
Strategic Advisor

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