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Dear Nametoken friends,

it is again time for an update to show you how we will continue with Nametoken in order to make our vision a success.

As you know we didn’t collect as much funding as we wished to. But this is not a problem. We took some time to evaluate the possible next steps and came to the conclusion to go a bit smaller (which doesn’t nessecarily mean slower).
I (Jens) have taken over Nametoken solely (working as director of the company) and will work on that project with my developer team. Currently the team is working on the first prototype. Doing screen design and planning first important features. The progress is looking really good, so I’m exited to show you first things in january.
Making the team smaller while still working with our advisors is the best thing in our situation, cause we can save a lot of capital in the future.

So if you have questions about the project, contact me directly at jens@nametoken.io.

Furthermore we are still working on getting listed on exchanges. Thanks to our great community we already received some help and alternatives, which we will check thoroughly. We will get you updated as soon as possible.
There are still lots of other solutions, even if we won’t get listed on the big exchanges. So I would be glad if you don’t worry and support Nametoken in the future.

Thanks for your time,

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