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Dear Nametoken friends,

It’s been 3 weeks now since our ICO ended, and due to a lot of work we didn’t have the time to update you with news. So I want to take this as chance to update you.

1. Nametoken’s ICO

Although we weren’t able to collect our “wished” amount, we are very satisfied with the results. We are optimistic that we can build a great domain ecosystem from the funding we received. In the last days of our ICO we gave out a special bonus, which helped us collecting the funds that are needed in order to continue. So, yes: We will continue 😉

2. Upcoming stuff

If you think that an ICO is a lot of work and after that it gets more relaxed, I have to disappoint you. Right now we are building relations with all possible exchange platforms in order to get Nametoken published there. We are very optimistic that we will get placed on a few platforms, so that you can trade your NAT there.
Other than that we are searching for more people for our DEV team in order to work on our prototype. We are planning to present this prototype at the end of January on the Namescon in Las Vegas. Thanks to our Advisor Soeren we receive a platform that helps us spreading the word about Nametoken.

That is all so far. Please be patient. We will update you weekly / biweekly with our progress from now on, so that you are close to the things that we do at Nametoken.

Best Regards,

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