Nametoken is Giving Investors More Flexibility than Ever Before

Domain investors can now utilize the Nametoken platform to increase their profits and further their investment strategy. Nametoken is a decentralized domain ecosystem that enables participants to crowdfund the purchase of premium domains through the use of NAT tokens. Nat tokens are essentially smart contracts held on the Ethereum blockchain system that represent a percentage of ownership. Blockchain technology enables these contracts to be saved in an unalterable state, protecting your investment and allowing you to make more efficient financial transfers.

The Nametoken Advantage

Nametoken participants are granted access to an intuitive mobile app that allows users to give their investment assessments on particular domains. These assessments are gathered and the big data is used to rank domains according to the consensus of the investment community. This gives Nametoken investors a huge advantage when weighing the potential ROI a domain holds. Nametoken hopes to create a vast network of domain registry investors to drive the platform’s data to unseen heights.

Selling Made Easy

Experienced domain investors agree that selling your domain has become considerably more difficult over the last decade. Two of the main reasons for this are domain giants such as,, and offer clients cheap alternatives to high priced domains and many people are deciding to forego the Top Level Domains (TLD) completely to get the keywords they desire. Nametoken gets around this “sales stress” by allowing the sale of domains from within their mobile platform. Users can sell their domains within the Nametoken ecosystem and benefit greatly from the fluidity of transfer this platform will provide.

The NAT Token

All of this is made possible through the utilization of the Ethereum based NAT token network. NAT tokens are used to invest into domains while in the Nametoken marketplace. These tokens are currently valued at 0.00025 BTC or around 80 cents. NAT token bonuses are awarded to users for buying, selling, parking, or registering their name within the network. NATs are expected to be traded on numerous crypto-exchanges such as and as their value increases, users will enjoy more financial gains.

The Future of Domain Registry

As internet penetration increase there is undoubtedly going to be more demand for premium domains. Recent statistics show that there is currently 90 million .com domain names registered with analysts predicting this to rise sharply in the coming years as high-speed becomes the new global standard. Nametoken has found a way to keep the average investor in the domain registration game without having to empty out their savings accounts. This innovative platform is sure to make some huge waves in the following months and Nametoken is currently holding an ICO until September 30th, 2017. Early bird investors can enjoy NAT token bonuses as high as 50%. Thanks to the inventive minds at Nametoken, domain registry investors can now make the smart move everytime.

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