How NAT Token Doubles Your Domain Investments

NAT tokens allow savvy investors to double their ROI potential by doubling their investment strategy. Through decentralization and the use of the NAT token, your next domain investment can get a serious boost. Let’s take a moment to explain how this is possible.

Nat Tokens

The Nametoken platform allows users to crowdfund profitable domains through the use of the NAT Token. The NAT token represents a percentage of ownership in the crowdfunded domain and is, in essence, a smart contract that lives on the Ethereum blockchain. This makes all NAT token transactions more secure and faster than traditional means of payment. This also ensures all transaction records are unchangeable by storing them in redundancy across the blockchain. Any potential hackers would have to hack hundreds of computers simultaneously to alter or delete information.

How the Nametoken Platform Doubles Your Investment

Once users are registered and have downloaded the Nametoken Mobile app they can select to view Domains according to a variety of qualifiers including their NAT value. Users can then elect to sell, trade, park or purchase domains in their entirety or through shared ownership. As the domain appreciates in value, you see added value in your NAT token returns and once the domain has reached maturity, or an accepted offer is made, co-owners will vote on the sale according to their ownership percentage. If the sale is approved, the profits are instantly distributed amongst the co-owners according to their ownership percentages.

More Investment Options

You can use this strategy to diversify your investments as well; let’s say you find two domains that you believe to have great ROI potential. costs 10,000 NAT tokens and cost 10,000 NAT tokens. You could purchase both for 20,000 NAT or you could elect to split your investment between both domains choosing to put 5,000 NAT tokens on each and giving you 50% ownership of both domains. The possibilities are endless through the Nametoken platform and blockchain technology.

Investment Strategy 2 – Leveraging Your Investment

Nametoken participants enjoy additional earnings as NAT tokens gain momentum on major crypto-exchanges around the globe. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Litcoin (LTC) have seen huge gains in value with many being traded for 100x more than their ICO price. This means that once your domains have matured and you sell them for a profit, the NAT tokens you accumulate have great potential to increase in value as the Nametoken platform fully develops into a pillar of the domain registry industry.

The Future of NAT tokens

As more users join the Nametoken network the market capitalization of the NAT token grows exponentially. Analysts expect the NAT token to be traded globally and predict a spike in value as the domain registry industry continues to see huge gains in the international marketplace due to the proliferation of high-speed internet in developing areas. Join our decentralized investment community and start doubling your investments today.

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