How NAT Token Doubles Your Domain Investments

NAT tokens allow savvy investors to double their ROI potential by doubling their investment strategy. Through decentralization and the use of the NAT token, your next domain investment can get a serious boost. Let’s take a moment to explain how this is possible. Nat Tokens The Nametoken platform allows users to crowdfund profitable domains through [...]

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Nametoken is Giving Investors More Flexibility than Ever Before

Domain investors can now utilize the Nametoken platform to increase their profits and further their investment strategy. Nametoken is a decentralized domain ecosystem that enables participants to crowdfund the purchase of premium domains through the use of NAT tokens. Nat tokens are essentially smart contracts held on the Ethereum blockchain system that represent a percentage [...]

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3 Reasons Why You Need to Participate in The Nametoken ICO

It is no secret that premium domains are selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars online with many even reaching the million dollar mark.  This continued inflation of domain prices is being driven by multiple factors including increased internet access globally as well as an explosion in the use of mobile devices.  All of this [...]

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Why domains are an interesting investment

Nametoken has announced plans to create the world’s first decentralized domain ecosystem. Participants of this platform will be able to take advantage of the constantly growing domain registry industry. According to Internet World Stats high-speed internet is becoming the reality for most of the developing world with internet access growing from 16 million users in December of 1995 up to [...]

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